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Welcome to Hardenberg Consulting!

Hardenberg Consulting is an international operating consultancy, managed by the owner. The headquarters is situated in Munich in Southern Germany. Our main customers include companies from the animal health, veterinary medicine and agricultural sectors. In individual cases we also advise privately owned companies
in other business sectors.

As business recruiters we seek to fill senior manager and specialist positions in Germany and other countries. The owner and founder is Dr. Felix von Hardenberg.

We have been able to become a market leader in this specialised field due to a comprehensive knowledge of the market sectors and trusted relationships
developed with our clients, this being achieved by maximum transparency and adherence to our customer's recruitment policies.

Hardenberg Consulting searches for and selects suitable candidates using psychologists and other associate consultancies particularly when selecting for international positions. Due to our comprehensive and varied recruitment resources we are able to access and assess highly suitable candidates for our customers.